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Leadership Council Page, Meeting Minutes, and Regular LC Meeting Time

Hello Friends!

We have now created a page that lists the Leadership Council and relative contact information. This page will also list the year’s Council Meeting Minutes. All meeting minutes will be posted there as well as being posted on this blog as they become approved.

Click here to go to the new Leadership Council Page and see past Leadership Council minutes.

Also, at our meeting last night we set up a regular stated Leadership Council meeting time. Our regularly stated meetings will be the 1st Sundays of the month at 5 PM Central time. If you would like to submit anything to the Leadership Council for consideration, please send your submission to the Council Chair one week prior to the stated meeting.

Here are October’s approved meeting minutes: PCA Leadership Council Minutes for October 21, 2017

We hope you all have had a good Fall season, and wish you many blessings as we enter the Advent and Christmas season!

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes: May 2017

Hello friends!

Here are the approved meeting minutes from our May 8, 2017 Leadership Council meeting.

This is also a reminder that the C&C vote is ending this Wednesday. Click here for more information. 

Minutes PCA LC 08May2017

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Hi Friends,

We hope that you all had a very blessed Easter! Here are the March 2017 meeting minutes.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.


Rev. Gina

January and February Leadership Council Minutes

We apologize for the delay in posting these and thank you for your patience. The following PDFs are the approved meeting minutes for January and February.

The Leadership Council will not be meeting in April due to the Easter holidays. Our next meeting will be May 8, 2017.

We hope that you all have a blessed Easter!

Jan2017 PCA LC Minutes

Feb2017 PCA LC Minutes

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes September-November 2016

Hello Friends,

We apologize for these minutes being late, but here they are in PDF format. If you have problems reading these files, please post a comment and we can send you another version.

Note: The Leadership Council did not meet in December due to the holidays. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday season!

September Minutes: PCALC-23SEP16

October Minutes: PCALC-28OCT16

November Minutes: PCALC-15nov16

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes – August 2016

Note from the Board: We apologize for the lag in the posting of meeting minutes. We will be posting the backlog as soon as we possibly can.

Minutes:  PCA Leadership Council

August 12, 2016

Present:  Lawton Higgs, Sr, Beth Abbott (recording secretary), Gina Pond, J.T. Ramelis

Absent: Fred-Allen Self


Opening Reflection and Prayer:  Matthew 5:15  Lawton spoke of the need for us as PCA and PCA leaders to be light in the darkness of today’s world.  Lawton asked Beth to lead the opening reflection and prayer for the September meeting.


July Minutes Approved  JT made motion, Gina seconded, consensus of approval.


Treasurer’s Report $50 from JT is in account we opened to receive contributions for the 501c3 application and administrative costs for PCA.  When we receive our 501c3 status, the cost per month will drop from $15/month to $10/month if we keep a $500 balance.



In order to submit the 501c3, we will have to make a minor change in the wording of our Constitution and Canons (C&C) article VI.  Because there has been mis-use of 501c3 status by other people, the IRS strongly suggests that any monies in a 501c3 account be transferred into another tax-exempt account upon dissolution.


The following wording was approved and will be sent to membership for a vote for the change.  The request for vote will be sent out via e-mail and posted on the PCA private Facebook wall for 30 days to comply with the C&C.  Gina will create a Survey Monkey questionnaire and send out the emails three times as required.  She will create a rotation of LC members for postings with the link on the Facebook wall so that it is more visible and less “spam-like.”


from: In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the Progressive Christian Alliance all of its assets and property of every nature and description whatsoever shall be paid over and transferred at the direction of the trustees to the individual congregations and affiliated ministries


to: In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the Progressive Christian Alliance, all of its assets and property of every nature and description whatsoever shall be paid over and transferred at the direction of the Leadership Council to PCA 501c3 congregations, 501c3 affiliated ministries or any 501c3 agencies.




Fund raising, PayPal and fund management

In the past, all administrative costs have been paid for by the Leadership Council or volunteers.  As we move forward to be recognized as a global entity, it is important to make PCA self-sufficient monetarily. Additionally, we believe that if people find value in our organization, they should support it with time, talents and financially.  Gina and Fred-Allen will work with J.T. to get a PayPal button set up on the website for donations.  We need $400 for the 501c3.  PayPal takes 2.7% of each donation and charges a 30 cent surcharge.  EXAMPLE: If someone makes a $10 donation, PCA receives $9.43.  If we were to set up a Facebook button, an additional 3.1% would be removed and so we hope to only need the website button.


Affiliation and Ordination

Gina and Fred-Allen have backgrounds in quality control and are working to create an updated affiliation document.  Included will be multiple categories: individual (member and requesting ordination separated), clergy, dual clergy and institutional/church.  It was suggested that a small yearly fee ($25) be attached to individual memberships.  This will serve multiple purposes.  It will give us a way to document the number of members for accounting.  It will help fund administrative costs.  It will create a greater sense of “ownership” among the members.  It will help us create a current database for emailing information about PCA and PCA events in the future.


It has been recommended that those seeking ordination first affiliate, then they will be linked to a Regional Servant Leader.  A handbook will be made for RSL’s so that the process for meeting standards for ordination is standardized.  We do not want to lose the flexibility of the current system, but do want consistency across regions.  For future discussion:  Cost for affiliation and for clergy;  turning the applicants over to an Ordination Committee chaired by the Co-Chair of PCA; process for mentoring applicants with minimal formal education who are requesting ordination; resources for candidates and RSLs.


One of the challenges in ordination is the criminal background check.  These vary from state to state and it is difficult to know whether we are meeting the standards of safety we feel are non-negotiable.  JT will check in with his local sheriff to see if he can give us some guidelines and/or links for candidates to utilize.  Once we receive 501c3 status, the LC can (with adequate funds) do the necessary background checks.


The ordination of Julian Adams was approved pending OK of the background check submitted.




Since Lawton became Chair, a relationship between the UK PCA and our LC has been increasing.  Recently, David Gray reported ordinations of: Charlotte Hughes, Clive Larson, Jackie Glover, and Marc Roberts and gave a brief overview of their ministries in Great Britain.  It was unanimously approved that Lawton send our blessings to these newest PCA clergypersons.


Additionally, we have received a copy of the Promise of PCA Ministers that clergy in the UK sign.  It was approved to add this to our PCA ordinations.


As a minister with the Progressive Christian Alliance I promise:

  • To seek to follow the example of Jesus in offering unconditional love, healing, wisdom and affirmation from an inclusive heart that values all people regardless of faith, gender, age, ability, sexuality or any other aspect of human identity.
  • To share my story with a willingness to listen openly to other people’s stories without proselytizing.
  • To seek the good in other people, beings, places and in life’s situations.
  • To develop a daily spiritual practice that while rooted in Christianity may be informed by the cosmic Christ-Buddha nature.
  • To examine my own ego, prejudices and habits against the unfolding revelation of love.
  • To serve my community, especially those of its members who are vulnerable or marginalized.
  • To constructively challenge systems and institutions that are failing to serve the human family and nature herself in the best way possible.
  • To provide and up to date enhanced background check to those seeking my services should this be requested.
  • To take personal responsibility for my words and actions and seek to ensure that the credibility of my ministry is not defiled by them.

…so help me Godde.


Name:                                     Signature:                                           Date:



Next meeting: September 23 at 6:00 CST. 

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes – June 2016

Progressive Christian Alliance Leadership Council Meeting

June 24, 2016 @ 6 PM CDT

In attendance: JT Ramelis, Beth Abbott, Gina Pond, Fred‐Allen Self, Lawton Higgs

 Opening Reflection and Prayer – Lawton Higgs, LC

 Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting – approved unanimously

 Approve Agenda – amended agenda to include discussion on statement of faith and logo. Afterward approved.

Old Business

 501c3 discussion; fund raising and fund management

‐ Statement from JT: “I James T. Ramelis , as incorporator of The Progressive Christian Alliance in the State of Michigan do hereby cede all power and decision making responsibility of said corporation to The Progressive Christian Alliance Leadership Council to act as determined by guidelines set forth by The Progressive Christian Alliance. James T. Ramelis shall henceforth have only the responsibility for his position as a member of the Leadership Council and Treasurer of The Progressive Christian Alliance.”

‐ JT moved that LC accepts his ceding power for the incorporation to the LC. ‐ Gina seconded. ‐ Passed unanimously.

‐ Discussed the need for a bank account for the PCA for 501(c)3 purposes.

‐ Discussed setting up a business PayPal account for the PCA to receive donations online and any other payments.

‐ Beth motioned that JT move forward on acquiring a bank account and setting up a business PayPal. ‐ Gina seconded. ‐ Passed unanimously. JT will set up a bank account and business PayPal. Gina and Fred‐Allen will set up a donation page on the website.

 Wild Goose Festival July 7‐10, 2016

‐ JT and Lawton will be attending. They will be taking business cards and PCA brochures to give out.

‐ Beth has written a statement to go on the Wild Goose website. She will be putting this into a PDF. ‐ Talked about setting up a hashtag so people can follow the PCA experiences at Wild Goose.

‐ It was also discussed that we might post to the Facebook page daily with pictures.

 RSL Pacific Region and other RSL Needs

‐ Lawton has reached out to the RSLs to start a conversation and get to know each of them.

‐ We are still looking for a Pacific Region RSL.

‐ We need to schedule a joint meeting with the RSLs and the LC to nail down

procedures and how things are done.

New Business

 PCA Strategic Planning (Vision; Short & Long Term Goals) & Social Media Content

Management Strategy (Website, Facebook Groups & Facebook Page)

Possible Resource: Content Strategy for the Web, Second Edition by Kristina Halvorson & Melissa Rach.

‐ Discussed adding PCA clergy listings to the website. This would include all ministers ordained by the PCA.

‐ We have many diverse groups, but need to work on making the messaging and everything consistent through our entire presence.

‐ Lawton has suggested using the above listed resource as a way to help us create a cohesive presence online.

‐ Had a lengthy discussion about PCA processes and the need to have clear policies on how to handle all situations. Processes that are both known and easily accessible.

‐ Lawton will reach out to RSLs via email with ordination processes and try to get with each of them.

Other Business

Next meeting date & time: July 22, 6:00 PM


These minutes were approved as is on July 22, 2016 by the members of the leadership council. 

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes for April 22, 2016

PCA Leadership Council Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2016 @ 6 PM CDT

In attendance: Fred-Allen Self, James Ramelis, Lawton Higgs, Gina Pond

After technology adventures the meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM.

  • Opening Reflection and Prayer – Lawton
  •  Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting – Approved unanimously.
    •  Fred-Allen will post meeting minutes to the website and Facebook.
    • Gina will post to the email list.
  •  Approve Agenda – unanimously approved.

Old Business

  • Web site domain name & hosting
    • Fred-Allen and Gina will work together on revamping the website.
    • Beth asked how we will go about compiling the clergy list for the website? Gina said it will all be voluntary and could be done through email/website/Facebook.
    • Look into hosting affiliation forms into website.
    • There is a problem with our emails going into spam folders of RSLs. Emails are being missed because of this. Gina proposed a solution of having that administrators forwarding the emails to the correct person.
    • Gina, Beth, and Fred-Allen will serve as administrators for the info list and forward emails to the correct person.
    • Lawton will take responsibility to create a directory of LC members and RSLs.
  • Facebook administration
    • Things are going VERY well with the Facebook group! We have a great admin team in place and it’s become a place for great dialog.
  • Ordination Committee and ordination & affiliation process
    • Ordination application and materials need to be updated.
    • Fred-Allen will update the ordination application to an editable form and edit the address to which it is remitted and send it to the PCA LC.
  • 501c3 discussion & fund raising and fund management
    •  J. T. gave an update on the process of the 501c3 filing.
    • A large stumbling block is the incorporation. J. T. needs the incorporation paperwork in order to move on the process.
    • Lawton will make contact to get the incorporation papers.
    • If it is necessary we will move ahead with a new incorporation.
    • This has been approved unanimously by the LC.
  • Wild Goose Festival July 7-10, 2016
    • Lawton suggests that if anyone would like to attend to register and we can plan a meet-up time for everyone in attendance.
    • Gina has concerns about attending Wild Goose because of a lack of protections for LGBTQ individuals there.

New Business

  • RSL Pacific Region and other RSL Needs
    • John Contabile has resigned as RSL from the Pacific Region.
    • Lawton has accepted and responded to this resignation. As such there is a need for a new RSL in this region.
    • Gina suggested a friend of hers, an ordained PCA minister, for Pacific RSL: Debra Newcomb. Gina will reach out. If she is interested then Lawton will reach out to her.
    • The LC would like to invite the RSLs to a LC meeting in the future.
  • Rev. David Gray’s PCA Rites development
    • Rev. David Gray is interested in developing rites for the PCA, such as baptism, naming, etc…
    • Beth and Fred-Allen both mentioned resources they had developed that they would be happy to share as well.
    • It was discussed to create a repository of these materials and make them available.
  • Jerry Joyce Veterans Healthcare Justice Letter
    • Letter has not been received yet, this will tabled to the next meeting.
  • Possible PCA Statement on State Oppression of LGBTQ persons
    • The LC has decided that we will make an official statement on HB2 and send it to the Wild Goose Festival as well as to the Governor.
    • Gina will draft the letter and send it to the LC for approval.

Other Business

  • Next meeting date & time: May 20, 2016 – 6:00 PM CDT

**These minutes were approved for publication at the May 20, 2016 meeting.

LC Meeting Minutes 3/13/2016

 PCA – LC Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 13, 2016 @ 6 PM CDT

In attendance

Fred-Allen Self, Gina Pond, Lawton Higgs, J.T. Ramelis, Beth Abbott

Minutes recorded by: Fred-Allen Self

Opening Reflection and Prayer – Lawton Higgs

Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting – *noted that Beth’s name has 2 b’s and 2 t’s. Motion to accept: Lawton      Second: Gina     Accepted unanimously.

Approve Agenda – unanimously approved.

Old Business:

Web site domain name & hosting –

  • Fred-Allen now holds the domain. Servers are moved over. Email is not currently working, but we believe it should be working shortly!
  • Fred-Allen will take care of cancelling 1and1.
  • Beth asked what will happen to the domain in the future. Fred-Allen offered to transfer GoDaddy account to the PCA itself. We will make this transfer after 501(c)3 is done.

Facebook administration –

  • Talked about the PCA User Covenant.
  • Fred-Allen will send final version of Covenant in email for approval. Upon approval will post it.
  • New members must agree to the covenant.
  • Fred-Allen will write rules for adding members to the group and post it to the admin group chat.
  • Fred-Allen will approach Kim Shinabery about being a group admin.
  • We will offer to remove admins if they would like to no longer remain admins, per Gina’s

Ordination Committee and ordination & affiliation process

  • Discussed membership/affiliation/ordination processes.
  • Do we have a record of everyone who is ordained? Beth has records of everyone she has sent out certificates to, but that is only the last couple of years.
  • Lawton will check in with Roger and Ann to see if they have a list of names.
  • Unanimous approval of process set forth by Beth. Will be sent to RSLs.
  • Lawton will contact Mike Kear about the possibility of serving as SW RSL. Recommended by Beth. She also recommended him as an admin. We believe that there is a vacancy in that area.
  • Beth also suggested Mike Wright Chapman.

501c3 discussion & fund raising and fund management

  • J.T. was unable to access the 501(c)3 file via DropBox. Gina also has a corrupted local file. We will need to contact Ann Joyce to see if we can get a good copy of the file. We absolutely NEED this file.
  • We need documentation of our incorporation. This is the first step of getting 501(c)3. J.T. will need to contact Ann to see if she has this document as well.
  • The main challenge at this point is the treasure hunt to find all of the required information. J.T. believes that we are structurally sound.
  • Lawton would like to begin developing a budget.


New Business:

Annual Meeting @ Wild Goose Festival July 7 – 10, 2016

  • There is likely not enough time between now and July to organize an annual meeting.
  • There are still those planning to attend the festival, but would be happy to arrange a meeting while we’re there.
  • We think that it would be helpful to have a time that people could come to the LC for questions or to connect with.
  • Discussed the possibility of a webinar or online open meeting for LC.

Other Business:


Next meeting date & time – Friday, April 22 6:00 CST

LC Meeting Minutes – 2/21/2016

PCA – LC Meeting Minutes

Sunday, Feb. 21st @ 8PM CST

In attendance: Fred-Allen Self, Beth Abbott, Gina Pond, Lawton Higgs

Opening Reflection and PrayerLawton shared a short reflection on the lectionary text of today about Jesus as a mother hen gathering all into peace in God’s care. He shared this as an image of Progressive Christianity.

Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting – motion to accept – Gina  second Beth

Approve Agenda – unanimously approved

Old Business:

Web site domain name & hosting

  • Gina explained that John Shore owns the domain. Gina and Fred-Allen have both attempted to contact him, but have thus far received no response.
  • As a result of the above we may need to create a new domain and port the website over.
  • The question was raised how John Shore owns the domain. Gina explained the background and why the situation is as it is.
  • The cost of the website is currently $68/quarter.
  • Domain is registered with Gina and Fred-Allen will work on contacting John Shore to get details settled.
  • Lawton will contact John Shore to release the domain to us.
  • If we needed to come up with a new domain it’s not a huge deal. Most domains cost between $10 – $16/year.
  • If we absolutely need to get a new domain, we can setup a redirect to our new domain, although this will be difficult, as the current domain is on all ordination letters and official documents.
  • Beth proposed that if we do not get a response from John Shore by the next LC Meeting that we will move forward with a new domain and figuring out what to do.
  • Lawton will discuss with Ann whether the 1&1 bill has been paid or not. Beth has offered to pay the bill if it is outstanding.


Facebook administration

  • Fred-Allen sent out an email about concerns about the Facebook Group.
  • Fred-Allen will create a Google Doc for creating the User Covenant for the Facebook Group. Once the covenant is created Group users will have to respond to the covenant before being able to comment.
  • We will need create one for both groups.
  • After creating the Covenant we will revise how admins work and what we need to do to add new people to the group.
  • Beth asked for Fred-Allen to clarify what is needed from other admins until we get the covenant up. He asked that admins help delete the political posts on the page and remove those who repeatedly post politics.
  • Fred-Allen will create the covenant document and get it sent out to the LC to edit.


Chaplaincy approval process

  • Beth reports that the 501(c)3 must be completed before the Progressive Christian Alliance can even be considered as a recognized faith group for chaplaincy.
  • Even though we are incorporated it is not enough to be recognized for chaplaincy organizations.

** Due to running out of time we skipped forward to the Brochure.

New Business:


Approval of Intercommunion Agreement with TPEC

  • Unanimously approved.


Approve PCA Brochure for distribution

  • Beth noted that the front is trifold and the back is not. Lawton shared that the non-trifold section is the inside of the brochure.
  • Lawton will make some refinements to the brochure and send it back out.


Affirm new RSL’s and list all others

  • Barbara Tarvid has agreed to take Beth’s place as RSL. Currently she will be a transitional RSL.
  • Jenny Howard will be the southeast region RSL.
  • Both were affirmed unanimously.


Tabled to next meeting due to lack of time

501c3 discussion

Ordination Committee and process

Discuss affiliation process and documents

Fund Raising and Funds Management Discussion

Annual Meeting @ Wild Goose Festival


Other Business

Next meeting date & time

  • March, 13 – time change Sunday! 6:00 CST