Dear Friends,

Our Progressive Christian Faith was born of the Spirit in the face of the tyranny of hate and violence in our culture. This continued tyranny expressed at Mother Emmanuel in Charlestown and Pulse 1 in Orlando and in many other venues is our ongoing call to strive for the grace of the Mind of Christ and to exercise our gifts accordingly.

Let us preach love and restorative justice to the limit of the faith that has given to us; let us give loving serving attendance to the oppressed among us, the LBGTQ community, the immigrant, people of color, those in prison, the poor and religious minorities.
Let us cheer one another on, inspire each other, pep one another up in the work of social justice and radical inclusion.
May we be conscientious in paying attention to the task given to us as The Progressive Christian Alliance; giving the degree of care required in the current situation with a preserving determination to the performance of compassion for all God’s creation.
Grace & Peace,
R. Lawton  Higgs
Leadership Council Chair

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