LC Meeting Minutes – 2/21/2016

PCA – LC Meeting Minutes

Sunday, Feb. 21st @ 8PM CST

In attendance: Fred-Allen Self, Beth Abbott, Gina Pond, Lawton Higgs

Opening Reflection and PrayerLawton shared a short reflection on the lectionary text of today about Jesus as a mother hen gathering all into peace in God’s care. He shared this as an image of Progressive Christianity.

Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting – motion to accept – Gina  second Beth

Approve Agenda – unanimously approved

Old Business:

Web site domain name & hosting

  • Gina explained that John Shore owns the domain. Gina and Fred-Allen have both attempted to contact him, but have thus far received no response.
  • As a result of the above we may need to create a new domain and port the website over.
  • The question was raised how John Shore owns the domain. Gina explained the background and why the situation is as it is.
  • The cost of the website is currently $68/quarter.
  • Domain is registered with Gina and Fred-Allen will work on contacting John Shore to get details settled.
  • Lawton will contact John Shore to release the domain to us.
  • If we needed to come up with a new domain it’s not a huge deal. Most domains cost between $10 – $16/year.
  • If we absolutely need to get a new domain, we can setup a redirect to our new domain, although this will be difficult, as the current domain is on all ordination letters and official documents.
  • Beth proposed that if we do not get a response from John Shore by the next LC Meeting that we will move forward with a new domain and figuring out what to do.
  • Lawton will discuss with Ann whether the 1&1 bill has been paid or not. Beth has offered to pay the bill if it is outstanding.


Facebook administration

  • Fred-Allen sent out an email about concerns about the Facebook Group.
  • Fred-Allen will create a Google Doc for creating the User Covenant for the Facebook Group. Once the covenant is created Group users will have to respond to the covenant before being able to comment.
  • We will need create one for both groups.
  • After creating the Covenant we will revise how admins work and what we need to do to add new people to the group.
  • Beth asked for Fred-Allen to clarify what is needed from other admins until we get the covenant up. He asked that admins help delete the political posts on the page and remove those who repeatedly post politics.
  • Fred-Allen will create the covenant document and get it sent out to the LC to edit.


Chaplaincy approval process

  • Beth reports that the 501(c)3 must be completed before the Progressive Christian Alliance can even be considered as a recognized faith group for chaplaincy.
  • Even though we are incorporated it is not enough to be recognized for chaplaincy organizations.

** Due to running out of time we skipped forward to the Brochure.

New Business:


Approval of Intercommunion Agreement with TPEC

  • Unanimously approved.


Approve PCA Brochure for distribution

  • Beth noted that the front is trifold and the back is not. Lawton shared that the non-trifold section is the inside of the brochure.
  • Lawton will make some refinements to the brochure and send it back out.


Affirm new RSL’s and list all others

  • Barbara Tarvid has agreed to take Beth’s place as RSL. Currently she will be a transitional RSL.
  • Jenny Howard will be the southeast region RSL.
  • Both were affirmed unanimously.


Tabled to next meeting due to lack of time

501c3 discussion

Ordination Committee and process

Discuss affiliation process and documents

Fund Raising and Funds Management Discussion

Annual Meeting @ Wild Goose Festival


Other Business

Next meeting date & time

  • March, 13 – time change Sunday! 6:00 CST


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  1. Could the acronym TPEC be explained, please?

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