Message from the Chair: Welcome to our new ministers!

Please join me in welcoming our newest Progressive Christian Alliance ministers:
Rev. Ron White
Rev. Bryan Bass-Riley
Rev. Bill Johnson
Rev. Terry Owens
Rev. Jenny Howard
Rev. William Greaver
Rev. Pierce Leavell
Rev. Craig Bartlett
Welcome home. Welcome home!
Ann Luchterhand Joyce
PCA Leadership Council Chair

2 responses to “Message from the Chair: Welcome to our new ministers!

  1. Is it possible to contact Rev. William Greaver? I knew a Pastor William Greaver in th 80’s or so in Washington, Ill. Pastor Dean Beckwith, retired

    • Hi Dean,
      The Progressive Christian Alliance wasn’t active until the 2000s. Unless you happen to know if Pastor Greaver joined us when the organization came into existence. You are welcome to ask on our Facebook page if you like. I’ll also see if he happened to be in what records of affiliations and ordinations we have.

      Rev. Gina
      Leadership Chair

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