Please Vote: Membership and Dues Policy Proposal

This document outlines a proposal for membership levels and responsibilities as well as proposed yearly fees for membership.

Having a clear definition of who is a member, who is affiliated, and who is ordained has been lacking in the PCA and a point of confusion. This is especially true when it comes to voting rights in the organization and being able to accept already ordained clergy without having to go through a second ordination process. We have also not charged yearly dues for our ordained ministers, affiliates, and members, which is standard practice for most organizations of our type. Clarifying our membership levels will help us in overall organization of the PCA, and yearly membership fees will allow for the PCA to have a consistent stream of income, offset ordination costs (website fees, printing and mailing of certificates, etc.), and give members a bigger sense of investment into the organization.

We have tried to keep the dues as modest as possible. For affiliation and ordination, we are assuming that we will find a reasonable background check website where the ordination and affiliate fee will cover the cost. Once this system is put into practice, the fees should be reviewed every year to balance the PCA’s needs with the ability of our members and clergy to pay. It should also be stressed that no one should be turned down for ordination or affiliation for lack of funds, and hopefully the fact that others can pay yearly dues will help offset the costs for those who can’t.

At all levels of membership, members are responsible for paying yearly dues and notifying the PCA of any name or address changes. All clergy are responsible for ensuring that they submit bi-annual background checks after the initial background check that is submitted with affiliation or ordination paperwork.

ALL CLERGY who wish to be recognized on the PCA website and have already been ordained by the PCA will need to submit the following documentation after September 1, 2017 and prior to November 1, 2017.

  • Yearly dues of $10 via PayPal or other means.
  • A complete update of contact information.
  • An updated background check if you were ordained prior to 2014.
  • A signed Ministerial Promise form if you have not already signed one.

Following approval of these membership definitions, the Leadership Council will set up instructions for the documents, payments, and acceptable sites for background checks.

The full outline of Membership Levels and Dues are outlined here: Membership and Dues Proposal (PDF)

Please use the box below to vote on the proposal via Survey Monkey. Voting will close on August 10, 2017 (30 days).


16 responses to “Please Vote: Membership and Dues Policy Proposal

  1. Rev. Terry J. Lapierre- McGuire


  2. You can do whatever you’d like. To be honest I am not sure the charges but I don’t spend more time here than other groups I’m in. I would have a hard time justifying the payment. That being said. Thanks for all you do.

  3. James Emmet Tarvid

    I am uncomfortable with the vagueness on background checks

  4. Rev. Mike Davis

    I understand that we are a work in progress and may involve some growing pains. I am thankful to be part of such a great group and family. I appreciate all the work that everyone is doing and look forward to help in any way I can.

  5. Personally, I think this is a good idea. I have been involved with the PCA for a number of years and have voiced a desire for us to get things “tighter” without becoming an institution. My only concern is that we should build in, on a person to person basis, the ability to forgive fees in certain situations. This will help those who need the help.

    • As we mention in the introduction, we do hope that after we get some money coming in we can allow for those who lack funds to be able to have their dues paid. We’re hoping that after awhile we’ll be able to have a scholarship type fund, especially for those seeking ordination.

  6. $10 is pretty modest.As PCA clergy I would gladly pay $10 for a clergy in good standing card. As for the $10 for Lay membership it would help build up the organization and willow out those that are “just along for the ride”, or joined and read on the website occasionally but have no real interest otherwise in whats going on.

  7. Christopher J. Janson

    Please make sure that dues never become cumbersome for anyone. If they can’t afford, please continue to bless them with membership /or ordination. Thanks.


    • Chris: We hope to keep them as modest as possible all the time, and to eventually have scholarships for ordinands and people who want to be members. We all understand how hard it can be for clergy financially.

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  9. If I am not Christian but still consider myself an ally to the PCA may I still become a lay member?

  10. Pastor Edward Kaahea

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your community.

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