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Leadership Council Meeting Minutes 8/16/14

From the Secretary:  We are transitioning our Leadership Council Meeting minutes to the website.

Website: We have e-mail lists available on our website. We maintain the info(at) for information and inquiries. We are using a general e-mail list, we plan to create an official PCA membership list for clergy and laity who affiliate with us, and we have a list for the leadership to communicate through.  We hope to create a process for laity who wish to affiliate to do so while requesting to be on the membership e-mail.  Our work is not complete with this just yet.  We will revisit the possibility of adding forums next month after we allow time to get used to the e-mail. 

If you wish to be on the e-mail/news list, please to sign up.
Our e-mail list monitors currently include Gina Pond and Ted Warner. If the list grows exponentially, we may need more monitors in the future.
We thank Gina Pond for all of her work putting our new site together.
-We will be looking at a couple of new candidates for the ministry this month and take a vote.
-501(c)3: We thank the body for contributing feedback for our mission and identity statements. We are preparing to send the paperwork around for signatures from the leadership.

In Christ’s Service,


Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved!) Progressive Christian Alliance website!

Over the coming weeks, there will be more information and features added as members get used to the new look and feel. We ask for your patience as we continue to improve the site. Besides a general back-end clean up of the website itself, we also have the following new features:

  • Leadership and Clergy Directories: If you click on the menu above you’ll see links to pages that show listings for the Leadership Council, Regional Service Leaders, Clergy, and Affiliated Churches. If you use the site search box to the right, it will search these directories as well.
  • New Ordination Information Page
  • New Online Groups Page: This also includes a form to sign up for our new email list. More groups will be added soon.
  • Progressive Christian Alliance Email List: Due to the limitations (and general wonkiness) of Facebook in getting information out to members, it was decided to create an email list for members in order to foster better communication. If you would like to be added to the email list, please fill out the form on the Online Groups page. The bandwidth for the email list was donated to the organization by Sarah Thompson and Rev. Gina Pond.

Other features and improvements will be announced as they are implemented.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience, and for all the Progressive Christian Alliance members, the Leadership Council, Regional Servant Leaders, and many others for their support in revamping the website.

Many blessings, and glad to be of service,

Rev. Gina Pond