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Leadership Council Minutes – April 4, 2015

Dear Friends,

From today’s Leadership Council meeting:

  • We are working on creating an ethics committee. Ted Warner will be working on creating the committee and giving more information about the committee. So, you will hear more from Ted about this.
  • As we have lost our treasurer, we are looking for nominees or volunteers to be considered. So, if you have experience with 501c3 and with bookkeeping, please, keep this position in mind. I will pin a post with the announcement.
  • We discussed items we consider inappropriate to post: violence toward others and self, pornography, threats. You will find the FB group descriptions will be updated with things deemed inappropriate. Don’t worry, we will not take away your freedom of expression. We are just asking for posts that do not harm others.
  • We discussed misuse of intellectual property. It really is for us, as religious leaders, to model respectful use of intellectual property. Please, ask permission before you post or reuse.
  • We are looking forward to our annual conference. Katharine Royal is organizing a committee for this. You will see more from her about our conference.

Thank you for all you do. May we continue to spread God’s radical love.
Ann Luchterhand Joyce
Leadership Council Chair