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Leadership Council Meeting Minutes – June 2016

Progressive Christian Alliance Leadership Council Meeting

June 24, 2016 @ 6 PM CDT

In attendance: JT Ramelis, Beth Abbott, Gina Pond, Fred‐Allen Self, Lawton Higgs

 Opening Reflection and Prayer – Lawton Higgs, LC

 Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting – approved unanimously

 Approve Agenda – amended agenda to include discussion on statement of faith and logo. Afterward approved.

Old Business

 501c3 discussion; fund raising and fund management

‐ Statement from JT: “I James T. Ramelis , as incorporator of The Progressive Christian Alliance in the State of Michigan do hereby cede all power and decision making responsibility of said corporation to The Progressive Christian Alliance Leadership Council to act as determined by guidelines set forth by The Progressive Christian Alliance. James T. Ramelis shall henceforth have only the responsibility for his position as a member of the Leadership Council and Treasurer of The Progressive Christian Alliance.”

‐ JT moved that LC accepts his ceding power for the incorporation to the LC. ‐ Gina seconded. ‐ Passed unanimously.

‐ Discussed the need for a bank account for the PCA for 501(c)3 purposes.

‐ Discussed setting up a business PayPal account for the PCA to receive donations online and any other payments.

‐ Beth motioned that JT move forward on acquiring a bank account and setting up a business PayPal. ‐ Gina seconded. ‐ Passed unanimously. JT will set up a bank account and business PayPal. Gina and Fred‐Allen will set up a donation page on the website.

 Wild Goose Festival July 7‐10, 2016

‐ JT and Lawton will be attending. They will be taking business cards and PCA brochures to give out.

‐ Beth has written a statement to go on the Wild Goose website. She will be putting this into a PDF. ‐ Talked about setting up a hashtag so people can follow the PCA experiences at Wild Goose.

‐ It was also discussed that we might post to the Facebook page daily with pictures.

 RSL Pacific Region and other RSL Needs

‐ Lawton has reached out to the RSLs to start a conversation and get to know each of them.

‐ We are still looking for a Pacific Region RSL.

‐ We need to schedule a joint meeting with the RSLs and the LC to nail down

procedures and how things are done.

New Business

 PCA Strategic Planning (Vision; Short & Long Term Goals) & Social Media Content

Management Strategy (Website, Facebook Groups & Facebook Page)

Possible Resource: Content Strategy for the Web, Second Edition by Kristina Halvorson & Melissa Rach.

‐ Discussed adding PCA clergy listings to the website. This would include all ministers ordained by the PCA.

‐ We have many diverse groups, but need to work on making the messaging and everything consistent through our entire presence.

‐ Lawton has suggested using the above listed resource as a way to help us create a cohesive presence online.

‐ Had a lengthy discussion about PCA processes and the need to have clear policies on how to handle all situations. Processes that are both known and easily accessible.

‐ Lawton will reach out to RSLs via email with ordination processes and try to get with each of them.

Other Business

Next meeting date & time: July 22, 6:00 PM


These minutes were approved as is on July 22, 2016 by the members of the leadership council.