New Interim Secretary and Member-At-Large!

Hello Friends!

As you all know, we’ve been looking for an Interim Secretary and Member-at-Large to round out the Leadership Council I’m very pleased to announce that we have filled our interim positions on the Leadership Council!

Rev. Jenny Howard is now our Interim Secretary and Rev. Nate Sprott is our Interim Member-at-Large. 

Thank you Jenny and Nate for agreeing to take on these positions and I, and the rest of the Leadership Council, look forward to working with you!

Thank you for joining the team!

Rev. Gina Pond

Leadership Chair

2 thoughts on “New Interim Secretary and Member-At-Large!

  1. Welcome, Jenny and Nate! I know you will be both do great work!

    I have a question for the Leadership Council: When applying for Clinical Pastoral Education I need to list a Denominational or Jurisdictional Authority and their title. Who should I list? I will need a phone number and email address, too.


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