Please Vote! Voting now open for Co-chair, Secretary, and Member-at-Large!

Update: Voting is now closed!


Hello Friends!

From now and until midnight US Pacific Time on November 15, 2018, the ballot for electing the new Co-chair, Secretary, and Member-at-Large for the 2019-2021 term will be open.

The following are statements from each of the nominees about their qualifications. Please read through them, then use the form at the end of this blog post to cast your vote. This form requires a valid email address in order to vote. We only ask for your email address in order to ensure that only one vote per person is cast. Your email addresses will not be used for any other purpose, and will be discarded after the election.

The winners will be announced on November 16, 2018, and the new board members will be required to attend the December 2, 2018 Leadership Council meeting. (Winners will receive an email from me prior to the public announcement of the winners.) Their term of office will officially begin on January 1, 2019. 

We thank all the nominees for volunteering, and we are grateful for everyone’s participation in this process!

Good luck to all of our nominees!

Rev. Gina Pond

Leadership Council Chair


Nominees for Co-Chair:


Alaina Cobb

“I am running for this office because I believe in the work of the Progressive Christian Alliance and the need for its continued success, growth, and visibility. I was ordained in the PCA for two reasons: the first reason is that as a transgender woman called to ministry I decided to only work toward ordination in a tradition that fully celebrates the image of God that I bear, and the second reason of equal importance was that I found the freedom to explore the diversity of belief intrinsic to our identity as the PCA utterly beautiful and nourishing. I wish to see that freedom explored by more of our brothers, sisters, and siblings in Christ.

As for my qualifications, I am currently the pastor of Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center in Chattanooga TN an active and expanding ministry, a Tri-Chair for the TN Poor People’s Campaign,  the founder of the Trans Crisis Ministry Network and a Mom.”


Helen Drivick

“A few years ago, I was looking for a tribe. My tribe. A group of Christians who were inclusive, questioning, full of doubt and secure in the knowledge that none of this was “bad.” On the contrary, that doubt, questioning and inclusivity are the hallmarks of a holy journey.

As I searched the internet, I found PCA and joined with the intent of becoming a chaplain. During this time, I met Beth Abbott (who encouraged me to apply for co-chair) and began to explore what the PCA had to offer. It was also during this time that I began to pursue a long delayed undergraduate degree, as a first step in working toward an M. Div. and eventual hospice chaplaincy. I didn’t want to apply for ordination until I had at least completed my undergrad degree (Dec. ’17) and was unsure how I could be involved with PCA until that goal was achieved. It was also during this time that my family and I moved from northern New Jersey to Virginia for financial reasons. Having somewhat established myself and my family in our new surroundings, and having completed my undergraduate degree, I feel that I am in a position to direct some of my energy to the PCA administration to help support the group which has supported my journey through these last few years. I also have a selfish agenda. I would like to know more about the organization and its leadership before I fully commit to the ordination process. What better way than to become part of the administration.

I respectfully submit my application for co-chair. I freely offer my time, talents and treasures. I hope to engage in meaningful dialogue to support the PCA as it is, and vision with others to establish ways that it can be.”


Nominee for Secretary:

Jenny Howard

“First, I’m qualified because I’ve been doing the job for several months as Acting Secretary. I’m running because I believe in the Progressive Christian Alliance. We are doing good work, and good works, in the world. In my time as Secretary, I’ve learned that there’s more to keeping this work going than is always publicly visible, and for that we need a committed volunteer Leadership Council. As a 7-year member of the PCA, I’ve seen the challenges of maintaining continuity of leadership with turnover on the Council. As Secretary, I’ll be making a positive contribution by maintaining accurate, well-organized records that can be referred to not just in the present, but through the coming years, as leadership passes to other members.”


Nominees for Member-at-Large:

Rob Ponsford

“I am running due to my commitment to the work of the PCA, including in my own church and in my own pursuit of calling to ordained ministry (also within the PCA). I am also a current an active member on the PCA Facebook group, as well as being familiar with the online world, being a fromer IT tutor. In regards to practical faith experience I am also a member of my own Church’s PCC (Church Council) A regional Ambassador for the organisation Inclusive Church, and currently privately study through many free programs for Christian education including the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Christian Leaders Institute, Church of England’s online Safeguarding courses.”


William V. Johnson

“I’m sure it seems a bit forward to nominate myself for a position, but my motives are in the spirit of volunteerism.  We all have to help with the work of the PCA if we want it to thrive. I believe in the goals of the PCA. I want to help in our progress as best I can, using whatever I might bring to our collective table of faith and ministry. Growing membership and being instrumental in increasing communication to and from leadership and membership.  In my daily work life, I am a police trainer (primarily in firearms and the use of force) and communication is vital to what I do. I hope to bring that skill to this particular role in PCA leadership.”