Updates from the Chair February 2020

Hello Friends!

Meeting with folks in Florida! L to R: Dave Abbot, Rev. Gina Pond, Rev. Beth Abbott, Rev. Terry Lapierre-McGuire

I hope you all had a very good New Year! I was on vacation in January in Largo, Florida, and while I was there I got to have lunch with Rev. Beth Abbott and Rev. Terry Lapierre-McGuire and their partners. It is always nice to meet ProgCA folks in the wild! Thank you for having lunch with me, it was great to see you!

At our January meeting we approved the ordinations of Eva Sullivan-Knoff and Constance Smith. Congratulations and welcome to the ProgCA family! 

I’ve had a lot of good responses to the website redesign. I’m glad you all like it, and again a massive thank you to Rev. John Propper for all the hard work he did on it! More website additions are forthcoming, and we’ll post on the blog when they are ready for use. 

And the usual reminder that Rev. Marie, our Ordination Chair, is still asking for all previously ordained ProgCA Clergy to please email her (rev.mbatel@gmail.com) with their credentials so we can update our files. This will be ongoing as we bring the membership platforms online.  If you have lost your certificate or letter, please do contact Marie, and she will help you with getting replacement paperwork.

I’d also like to remind everyone, that, like the USA, this is also an election year for the ProgCA. If you would like to have a direct hand in the running of our organization, or are feeling called to do more in the ProgCA, then you may want to consider running for office. This year we are holding elections for Leadership Chair and Treasurer. While the elections won’t be until November, now is a good time to go into discernment about if you would like to run! If you have any questions about these positions, feel free to ask me either via email or Facebook. 

Lastly, the Leadership Council is doing a review of our Constitution and Canons, as we believe that it needs to be updated to reflect the current state of the ProgCA. This is going to likely be a nearly year long process, and the final version will go out to the membership for comment and review. If you have any questions about this process, or have any thoughts or ideas about what should be updated, please feel free to contact any Council member.

It is strange for me to realize that this will be my last year serving you all as Leadership Chair, but I know that we’ve been creating a stronger foundation for the organization in the last couple of years. There is still plenty for me to work on before I leave, but I know the organization will be in good hands at the end of the year!

May you be blessed as we start moving from Winter to Spring (or Summer to Fall in the southern hemisphere), and may the season of Lent bring you much wisdom!

In His Name, 

Rev. Gina

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