Updates from the Chair September 2020: Preparing for ProgCA Elections and Webmasters needed.

Hello Friends!

It feels very Fall-like here in Switzerland and the days are getting shorter, which means we are getting closer to the ProgCA Elections for Leadership Chair and Treasurer! Because of the US national elections, we have shifted the timeline for the elections:

November 1-14: Nomination form will be posted and nominations will be accepted until midnight PST on the 14th. 

November 15-21: Election form will be posted and elections will close at midnight PST on the 21st. 

December 1: Results will be announced. 

The following are the position descriptions for both positions from the Constitution and Canons.  I would also suggest that nominees must use and be familiar with Google Suite (Docs, Drive, Gmail, Forms) as all of documentation and communications are through this system. 

Leadership Council Chair Responsibilities

1) Sets agendas for the Leadership Council meetings with input from the

membership at large and fellow LC members.

2) Chairs meetings of the Council.

3) Encourages Council’s role in strategic planning.

4) Responsible for the oversight of the financial aspects of the Progressive

Christian Alliance along with the Co-Chair.

5) Serves ex officio as a member of committees and attends their meetings

when invited.

6) Helps guide and mediate Council actions with respect to organizational

priorities and governance concerns.

7) Ensures regular communication of progress with the membership at large.

8) Performs other responsibilities assigned by the Council.

9) Serves a three (3) year term and may not self-succeed into same position.

Leadership Council Treasurer Responsibilities

1) Manages finances of the organization.

2) Administrate fiscal matters of the organization

3) Provide annual budget to the council for members’ approval.

4) Ensures development and council review of financial policies and


5) Provides monthly financial statements to council members and, upon

approval by council members, to PCA membership.

6) Maintain records of donations by membership both individual and

congregational and provides end of year tax statements to all who have


7) Prepare and file all IRS tax forms related to 501(c)3 status, including form

990 and/or other documents required by the IRS.

8) Is able to use software to track all income, expenses, etc.

9) Serves a three (3) year term and may not self-succeed into same position.

Cannot concurrently chair another committee.

If you have any questions about the positions or the election itself, please feel free to contact us.

We are also still seeking WordPress webmasters for our website. If you, or people you know, could volunteer their time for this, please let us know. More information on the positions is here. 

My heart and prayers are going out especially right now to my US siblings in Christ, many of whom are facing so many things at once: forest fires, hurricanes, attending protests, or just trying to stay alive and well during a global pandemic and rocky political situation. I encourage those who can vote in the US, to check their registrations and then vote in the election. Also, keep up the work you can do, wherever you can! Not only do people need social justice work, but they also need spiritual guidance to get through these times. Never doubt that anything you can do as ProgCA clergy is useful, needed, and important!

May all of you stay safe and be well!

In Jesus’ name

Rev. Gina

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