From the Chair: December 2020

Hello Friends,

I started active service with the Progressive Christian Alliance in 2014 as webmaster when I volunteered to rebuild the website to make it more accessible and bring it up to date. Then I ran for Member at Large in 2015, and to my surprise, I was elected. 

When Rev. Lawton Higgs stepped down as Leadership Chair in 2017, I again volunteered, but this time to be interim Leadership Chair until a new election could be called. I was honored again by the membership, and was elected Leadership Chair for the 2018-2020 term. 

And now, I am finishing nearly 6 years of active service in the leadership of the Progressive Christian Alliance. 

It is a lot of work on many levels to run an organization like this, with its diverse and global membership. We are a passionate group with big ideas, a thirst for justice and equality, and a strong drive for radical inclusion. It has been my honor to work with many of you over the years, not only to ordain new pastors, but to help build a better foundation for our organization so it can last into the future. 

I congratulate Bishop Rob Ponsford and Helen Drivick on winning the election last month. I look forward to seeing how the Progressive Christian Alliance will grow in their Leadership Council’s very capable hands!

My parting wish for you all is that you keep striving for justice, love, and inclusion wherever you are called to serve, however you can. That you all keep reminding everyone you meet and all who you serve that God’s love is for everyone, not just a select few. This is our sacred call from Spirit, and we are the ‘they’ who will embody this message so that others may heal from the damage done by other groups and denominations. 

I also hope that in this season of Advent, and for the years to come, you all find peace and joy wherever you can find it. May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ, and in the name of all the Gods and Spirits, with light, love and peace. 

In love and service, 

Rev Gina A. Pond

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