Welcome to the online groups of the Progressive Christian Alliance! We are glad you are here!

The Progressive Christian Alliance is an international, trans-denominational association of Christian ministers, ministries and laypersons. These groups are  discussion spaces hosted by the Progressive Christian Alliance as a public ministry. It is not the PCA itself and views expressed are not necessarily representative of the PCA. Any group that is NOT listed on this page is not an official group of the Progressive Christian Alliance. If a group would like to be considered an official group, they should contact the Leadership Council through our contact page

Below is the Group Covenant. This Covenant is enforced by a team of admins who are appointed by the Leadership Council of the PCA. All admin decisions are based on this Covenant and not personal opinion.

Our Covenant:

1) We practice respectful discourse. When we respond to another’s post we use the Golden Rule. We also use “I” statements and do not speak for others. (i.e.: In my experience; My understanding is…) There is no tone or nuance on the internet. Do not assume that people will understand your sarcasm, jokes, or that you are merely stating your own opinion.

2) We affirm and validate diversity. Diversity of other’s life experience, other’s understanding of what it means to be Christian, and alternative ways of being a follower of Christ. We have many multi-faith people in this group (Buddhist-Christians, Wiccan-Christians, Christians who also practice African, Latinx, or VooDou, and many other mixed faith people), so please do not belittle or make fun of another person’s understanding of Christianity.

3) We believe all of humanity are God’s beloved creation. No exceptions.

4) We do NOT proselytize. What this means is that we don’t force our beliefs on others, nor do we try to convert anyone into a particular Christian tradition. No one person in this group is the authority on what it means to be Christian, and no one tradition corners the market on “truth” or has all of the answers.

5) Separate topics should have separate threads; don’t derail conversations.

6) Posts demonizing anyone WILL BE REMOVED and the one posting banned. This includes political leaders, religious leaders, and other individuals. There are plenty of other groups elsewhere to do that in, this is not one of them.

7) As a religious institution we encourage posts exploring the living out of faith. Partisan political posts or endorsements of candidates, however, WILL BE REMOVED. You can talk about policies, movements, etc, but not individuals (see Covenant Item #6).

8) Blocking of admins is NOT allowed. This will result in removal from group. Blocking an admin doesn’t mean they can’t see your posts anymore, and you will still be banned immediately.

9) It is inappropriate to message other members of the group with slurs or attacks based on their posts. If reported, this is grounds for immediate removal from the group. Also, posts and responses made in this group are not to be screenshot in order to harass members or shared to other groups.

10) Admins are appointed by the Leadership Council of the PCA and all admin decisions on the group are final. If you would like to challenge a decision by the admin team, you are welcome to email the Progressive Christian Alliance Leadership Council at and it will reviewed and responded to by the Leadership Council at their next monthly meeting.

All new members to any Progressive Christian Alliance Facebook Group must read and acknowledge they understand this covenant before posting.