Ministerial Code of Ethics

As a minister of the Progressive Christian Alliance, my ministry will strive to reflect our code of ethics.

In addition to the ethical commitments I have committed to as a part of my role as Progressive Christian Alliance clergy, I make the following additional ethical commitments personally:

Ethics of Self-Care, Family Care

• I endeavor to cultivate an ongoing life of spiritual health, including ongoing commitment to a devotional life, to meditation, prayer, and other important practices that develop self-awareness and intimacy with God.
• Seeing my whole self as a temple of the Holy Spirit, I commit to integrate self-care, care for my own physical and emotional health, as a part of my ongoing life as a minister.
• My role as minister begins with being a minister to my family, so as a minister I will continue to minister in a way to guard, preserve, and enrich my marital and family relationships. The choice between family, marriage, and ministry is a false choice.

Relationships to Others

• Based on Galatians 3.26, I commit to treat no one with partiality or discrimination, recognizing that differences of race, gender, class, sexuality, disability, body size, personal relationships, and gender identity are extrinsic qualities which do not make anyone unworthy of respect & human rights, nor unwelcome in God’s family. Instead I commit to act with respect, reverence, and appreciation of other’s unique backgrounds, identities and gifts as blessings of God. (Psalm 139)
• I commit to work toward reconciliation and understanding in situations of conflict.
• I commit to direct communication in ministry relationships.
• I commit to respect people’s relationships and not to get between individuals in a committed relationship, but instead to help support them, excepting of course situations in which ongoing abuse occurs.
• I commit to use my position of leadership as an opportunity to serve the community and the church, and will not use my position in coercive ways to extort money, to manipulate others into romantic or otherwise inappropriate relationships or to provide gifts and services to me as minister.
• I commit to avoid all forms of disparaging comments or sexual harassment.
• I commit to be be appropriate in all dealings with children and those with disabilities, following state guidelines about reporting regarding concerns that emerge regarding potential situations of abuse & neglect.
• I will strive to avoid sexist, homophobic, racist, able-ist, transphobic, and otherwise derogatory ways of communicating.
• I will strive to always minister with honesty and integrity.

If you are unsure about a Progressive Christian Alliance minister’s credentials, or need to report ministerial misconduct, please send a letter to the following address, or send it through our contact page.