Are You Seeking Ordination?

Ordination through the Progressive Christian Alliance begins with affiliation. Once affiliated, a mentor from the Ordination Committee companions the candidate through the ordination process.

Our model is one of servant leadership. A formal seminary degree is not required. Those in discernment without a seminary education will have their educational needs addressed through readings, discussions and/or online courses, or by showing equivalency. We expect our ministers to have skills in Biblical study, systematic theology, and other areas necessary to the focus of their ministry. Mentors from Progressive Christian Alliance clergy may be called upon to help candidates improve their skills where necessary.

When the mentor believes that the candidate is ready for ordination, an application is submitted through them to the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council then reviews the application during their quarterly application review period.

Ministers who are ordained in the Progressive Christian Alliance are authorized within our Canons and the laws of the state or country in which they serve to act in a manner consistent with their calling. It is the minister’s responsibility to know what local laws may impact their roles in ministry.

Progressive Christian Alliance ministers serve in many diverse roles including, but not limited to: chaplaincy, spiritual direction, working in social justice organizations, in addition to traditional pastoral roles.  Many of our ministers have degrees beyond what the Progressive Christian Alliance requires for ordination and may have dual affiliation with another denominational body.

To get more information, or to start exploring your call to serve, contact us.