The Progressive Christian Alliance is an international, transdenominational association of Christian ministers, ministries and laypersons. We seek to unite followers of Jesus and reclaim our hijacked faith.
This movement is one fueled by love, the message of grace, and the desire to leave no one on the outside looking in.
We are a diverse fellowship inviting others to share in our common spiritual journey while walking our unique and sacred pathways. We believe that following Christ’s example means working for social justice and hospitality to all people, especially those who have not found hospitality elsewhere, and a heartfelt, thoughtful approach to being in relationship with God. We are intentionally radically inclusive and welcome all persons of any race, color, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, familial or relational configuration ( e.g. polyamory, non-monogamy, etc.), body size, gender, religion, or any other difference to become a part of this movement.