Call for Volunteers from our Co-Chair

Welcome home!

Do you remember hearing or knowing that The Progressive Christian Alliance was a part of your spiritual family? Those words still hold great meaning for me. Before PCA, I felt adrift. Like I was alone in a world of conservative Christians who were simply on a very different page when it comes to following Christ. And I had to be invisible or I was judged “not Christian.” Here I found like-minded rebels. Freedom!

PCA is a very different organization for a lot of reasons. We are not a top down organization, our members set our goals and then entrust the Leadership Council to fulfill them. And having served on the LC now for almost 3 years, it is an honor to be given that trust. And it has been a joy to work alongside others called to be on the LC and make those goals manifest. It is our passion to bring those ideals into existence. And we are growing so quickly, that it amazes us how short we’ve even been an organization. Our founders were truly Spirit led.

And now, we come to a crossroads once again. Due to health limitations, we’ve had three resignations from the LC over the past year. And the next election is on the horizon. We are trusting the Godde is calling those who are prepared to take the next step on the journey as leaders of PCA, but without your answering that call, PCA cannot survive. When an organization is run by people who are paid, it is easy to fill positions, but to maintain its integrity, our Constitution and Canons require all leadership positions be volunteer.

Right now, we need interim members (until January) for the Secretary and Member at Large. And at the next election, we will vote for those two positions and Co-Chair for a 3 year term. PCA NEEDS YOU if we are to continue to spread the good news and welcome others home. One doesn’t have to be ordained to serve, lay persons who wish to serve are also welcome to do so! Please listen for Godde’s leading. And if you know of someone you feel should be on the leadership council, talk to them. Encourage them. With Spirit leading, we will take the next step into the future. We are now placing our trust in you.

Rev. Beth Beyer Abbott, Co-Chair

PS: If you are interested in volunteering, please let one of the LC members know, or email us at

6 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers from our Co-Chair

    1. Hi Alexander! I sent you an email on May 22 with what opportunities are open. Did you get it? (Also, it could have accidentally gone into your spam folder.) Take a look at the list and let me know what you’d like to do!
      –Rev Gina, Leadership Chair

  1. As a global organization, much of what we do is through the Internet. Meetings are via Google Hangouts at a time that is mutually agreeable. Some understanding of computer technology is helpful.

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