Updates from the Chair October 2020: New Ordinations and Board Election Reminder

Hello Friends!

This past Leadership Council meeting was our quarterly review of candidates for Ordination. We are excited to welcome the following new Pastors into the Progressive Christian Alliance family:

  • John Harris
  • Markie Harrison-Febo
  • Aimee Niles

Congratulations, and again, welcome to the family! 

I’d also like to remind everyone that elections for Leadership Chair and Treasurer are fast approaching, and the schedule is as follows:

November 1-14: Nomination form will be posted and nominations will be accepted until midnight PST on the 14th. 

November 15-21: Election form will be posted and elections will close at midnight PST on the 21st. 

December 1: Results will be announced.

Please see last month’s news post to learn more about the positions. There will be a separate announcement for about the nomination form at the end of this month. Also, feel free to contact the Board if you have any questions. 

Lastly, I would like to strongly encourage our United States members to please go out and vote. Check to make sure your registration is valid, or that you have registered at all. Make a plan for how you will get to the polls, and if you are able to, help others to get to the polls. 

Vote as if lives depend on it, because they do. 

Stay well, stay safe, and please vote!

In His Name, 

Rev. Gina

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