Ballot for Leadership Chair and Treasurer Now Live

Hello Friends,

Voting is now officially open for Leadership Chair and Treasurer. The candidates are listed below with their statements, with the ballot following. Emails will be collected for the ballot to ensure that there is only one vote per person, and will be discarded after the close of the election.

The election will be open from 10 AM US Eastern time today, Sunday 15 November 2020, until midnight US Pacific Time on Saturday, 21 November 2020.

Candidate for Leadership Chair

Bishop Rob Ponsford

As many of you know I have for the last two years been the Member at Large for the PCA, and in that time I have been ordained with the PCA and been elected as Bishop very recently. I like many of us truly believe in the PCA and the force for good it clearly is including the multiple ways in which our ministries take. I am very familiar with the Google Office package of suits and I have loved every minute of being the Member at Large, I feel that running for Leadership Chair is something I am being called, and if Elected I will continue the great work started by our current Chair. I want to help grow the PCA so that on our clergy pages we have a more comprehensive set of materials to help those who are going through discernment and continue to develop those in ministry.

I want to create further links with other groups and churches within the wider Independent Sacramental Movement of which I have already had some success though limited. Not just with what some may consider “traditional” groups but also certain mixed path groups as well so that we have links with those that reflect the diverse practises of our membership.

With Lockdowns and restrictions here to stay for the foreseeable, the work we do both physically locally and online is more important than ever. I will seek to set up online services with a number of PCA Ministers if they are interested to once again show the wide range of practises we have within the PCA. If elected I will do all that my humanely best to exemplify that loving kindness and mercy and forgiveness as taught by Christ.

The PCA has blessed me as Minister as a Priest and Bishop within another Church which many would not do, and I have served the PCA as its Member at Large, Now I believe I can give more and help lead and guide and support the PCA as we continue to grow and more importantly continue to reach out to those who have been left behind as we show and reflect the love of our creator, for all of us are loved as we are and I believe I can help us in this endeavour.

I sincerely hope this short statement helps give an idea of why I am running and I hope my love and dedication to the PCA is able to shine through. Finally I want thank you the membership for taking the time to read this, it is my deepest wish to be able to serve you all as its very core that is what I feel this role entails much like Christ a servant hearted leadership and that is what I firmly believe in.

Thank you all-

Rev Rob

Candidate for Treasurer

Helen Drivick

It’s been a pleasure working with the Board for the past year+ as interim Treasurer. I would like to extend my tenure by running for the position.

I feel that it would be in the best interest of the community to have continuity in the position. While this past year has proved to be a learning curve, having that experience will now free me up to pursue some of the PCA financial goals which will ensure future solubility and sustainability. No organization, not even ours, can run without incurring some financial charges – web servers, non-profit status maintenance, ordinations and other activities have been financially managed in the past, mostly through Board members giving of their time, talents and treasures.

If elected, I look forward to visioning with the Board and with our members ways to enable the Progressive Christian Alliance to continue our growth and presence. We are a necessary counterbalance in a world – especially a church world – of othering. I will do all that I can to be a good steward for the organization and our members.


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